Unveiling the Vortex 500: Spring 2015

An image of the Jennison Ice Vortex 500 set up at the NRA Trade Show

Over the Spring of 2015, the group at Jennison Ice got a chance to unveil our cutting-edge Vortex 500 ice storage and dispensing machine at trade shows around the nation. We are happy to have received an awesome, energetic response. After many conversations with those interested, we've determined that food and drink establishment owners around the country are definitely ready to guarantee safe ice for their customers and health inspectors! It's time to bring the ice industry into the age of automation.

The Jennison Ice team began our unveiling at the Food Safety Summit in Baltimore. We attended the Food Safety Summit to get feedback from the industry's health officials on our cutting-edge Vortex 500 and to bring up issues regarding the cleanliness and quality of ice in restaurants around the country. Our aim was to bring awareness to the safety standards of ice production, dispensing, and storage by treating ice as the "forgotten food" and therefore requiring the upmost care to ensure safety for consumers. We were met with excitement and encouragment about our product. Health Department ice violations are extremely common in the food service industry, and the industry health officials at the Food Safety Summit saw in our machine a solution for these common issues.

One month later we attended the largest restaurant show in the country: the National Restauarant Association show in Chicago (check out the picture of our set up!). At the NRA Show we unveiled our product to the general public and reached out to as many hospitality, restaurant, and healthcare workers as possible. We were pleased by the response from those who visited our booth, and left with many connections that opened up even more doors for the range of industries that need cleaner, faster, automated ice dispensing.



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