There isn't just water in your ice cubes.

Jennison Ice

  • 2011 study that focused on ice dispensers in Las Vegas food establishments found that 33.3 percent of the ice samples "exceeded the EPA limits set for heterotrophic bacteria in drinking water”
  • NBC News “a 15 year old boy died from contaminated ice that could have been prevented from hand-washing”
  • Sun Times report, hotel bars in Chicago had ice contaminated by high levels fecal coliform, stating "most of the positive test samples came from ice-bins used by wait staff or otherwise exposed sources."

The staff at restaurants are there to take individual food orders for the patrons, but what food does every server consistently bring to the table with each order? A beverage, usually served with ice. But have you ever questioned the cleanliness of that ice in your drink?  And who was the one who didn’t wash their hands, then touched your ice?

Original article at Huffington Post

Jennison Ice is proud to present the Vortex500. A new ice dispensing machine that only dispenses hands-free, clean, fresh ice from start to finish. Adding to its hands-free capabilities, the Vortex500 utilizes the Cyclone Cleaning Cycle, a washing/sanitizing cleaning mode designed to expedite the antiquated ice bin sanitizing hassle. Reducing this once hourly and labor draining process to a 10-minute auto-cleaning cycle. The Cyclone Cleaning Cycle eliminate bacteria, mold, and pathogens from the ice bin quickly and efficiently, and allows the establishment to begin producing hand-free ice again in just minutes.

The Vortex500 will be debuting at the NRA 2015 convention in Chicago May 16-19th Booth# 10620. Come see us and register



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