Restaurant Ice: More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat

Jennison Ice

This scientific study conducted in 2013 gathered ice and water samples from some of the globes largest fast food chains and found that many of the establishment’s ice contained more harmful bacteria than their toilet bowls! Obviously showing that there’s a good chance that an employee who just got done cleaning one of their immaculate toilets decided to stick his hands in the ice bin, which was then served to you.

Doesn’t sound like the kind of ice I want served with my drink. Article: Here

The Quick Facts

  • Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks among restaurants to be tested.
  • For the tests, restaurant staff were asked to provide a sample of ice in a sterile bag. A sample of water in the restaurant toilet was also taken by an accredited environmental health practitioner.
  • Results were based off of government health standards of expected bacteria per ml of water
  • Results show a lack of awareness on both the consumer and restaurants part, and has spurred changes in government health and food regulations relating to ice handling across the globe.

Jennison Ice is proud to present the Vortex500. A new ice dispensing machine that only dispenses hands-free, clean, fresh ice from start to finish. Adding to its hands-free capabilities, the Vortex500 utilizes the Cyclone Cleaning Cycle, a washing/sanitizing cleaning mode designed to expedite the antiquated ice bin sanitizing hassle. Reducing this once hourly and labor draining process to a 10-minute auto-cleaning cycle. The Cyclone Cleaning Cycle eliminate bacteria, mold, and pathogens from the ice bin quickly and efficiently, and allows the establishment to begin producing hand-free ice again in just minutes.

The Vortex500 will be debuting at the NRA 2015 convention in Chicago May 16-19th Booth# 10620. Come see us and register to win a Vortex500!





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