Pass Your Health Inspection Everytime or It Could Cost You

Image depicting clean ice

There are a countless number of horror stories that we’ve heard involving the uncleanliness of machines that distribute ice directly to the consumer. Not only were we told that the ice machines have been significantly time-consuming and expensive to clean (sometimes taking up to a whole shift for an employee), but that ice-machine mishaps are one of the most common restaurant health and safety violations.

With social media acting as a powerful way of spreading news, a health inspection can make or break your business. News of a health violation can spread more quickly than ever online (have you seen the piano playing cat or “David Goes to Dentist?”), resulting in an instant decrease of customers and destroying the customer trust you have worked to establish. Some health inspectors even tweet about the slimy, rusty, or moldy ice machines they are observing in restaurants around the country (search “dirty ice machines” on Google—ew!). 

These stories inspired us here at Jennison Ice to design the Vortex 500, a completely self-cleaning ice machine made specifically to ensure the safety of consumers while impressing even the most thorough health inspectors, guaranteeing the easiest and most sanitary ice possible. With the Vortex, you don’t have to count on employees handling ice and cleaning machines, but can relax in knowing that your ice will always pass inspection and always be safe for customers, patients, students or whoever your consumers may be.




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