Contaminated Casinos?

Casinos use an average of 2 lbs of ice per gambler. A 2011 University of Law Vegas comparative study that focused on ice dispensers in Las Vegas food establishments found that 33.3 percent of the ice samples "exceeded the EPA limits set for heterotrophic bacteria in drinking water”. Although it's some heavy reading, you can check out the details in this interesting dissertation here: However, we've pulled out some key points of interest!

  • In this study, the EPA water quality standards were used as reference to analyze ice and soda samples collected from local food establisments for the presence of heterotropic and coliform bacteria.
  • Of the samples analzyed in this study, 33.3% of ice samples exceeded the EPA limits set for hererotrophic bacteria concentration for drinking water.
  • Of the ice samples collected, 72.2% were positive for presumptive coliform bacteria presence.



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