Don't Let Contaminated Ice Harm Your Patients

Hospital entrance

Contaminated ice at hospitals poses a huge risk to patients, especially as patients use an average of 10 lbs of ice over their hospital stay. The healthcare industry is committed to zero preventable deaths by 2020. The Vortex can help prevent bacteria that can grow on ice.

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Dirty Ice Machines in USA Restaurants

Drinks at Restaurant

Watch this news story about the state of ice machines in USA restaurants, where many machines were found to have high levels of bacteria. Ice dispensing machines & storage bins are very difficult to keep clean, especially in restaurant environments. Vortex provides weekly or monthly auto-cleaning!

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Contaminated Casinos?

Casinos use an average of 2 lbs of ice per gambler. A 2011 University of Law Vegas comparative study that focused on ice dispensers in Las Vegas food establishments found that 33.3 percent of the ice samples "exceeded the EPA limits set for heterotrophic bacteria in drinking water”.

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Ice From Six out of Ten Restaurants Has More Bacteria Than Toilet Water

Ice in soda at a bar.

The Daily Mail collected ice from ten fast-food franchises and determined that in six out of ten locations, those innocuous-seeming cubes contained higher levels of bacteria than the water samples taken from toilet bowls at the same establishments.

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Unveiling the Vortex 500: Spring 2015

An image of Mike exploring the setup at the National Restuarant Association Trade Show

Jennison Ice has been showing off our cutting-edge Vortex 500 at trade shows around the nation including the National Restaurant Association trade show as well as the Food Safety Summit. We have received an awesome response! See more details about what we've been up to.

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