Clean Ice is


We’re setting a new bar in food safety.

Our technology provides safe ice by reducing human contact with ice through automated dispensing and automated, hands-free cleaning. You’ll see an instant increase in both safety and compliance, while minimizing risk of illness and fines.



70% of restaurant ice contains more bacteria than toilet water.

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48 million people get sick from foodborne illness each year


Dollars of federal funding for the food safety modernization act


Clean, Fresh Ice.

JenNISONICE VORTEX 500 provides

Solutions for a number of industries


* Vortex helps reduce cost to owners with high speed, safe ice dispensing.
* Vortex dispensers do not utilize augers or paddles to dispense ice, eliminating costly service calls.
* Return on investment is realized in 3 years or less with automatic cleaning cycle feature & patented rotating technology barrel. 

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* Vortex offers peace of mind with frequent automatic cleaning of ice storage bin, that ice will not become contaminated with bacteria.
* Vortex patented concealed barrel ice storage design eliminates outside contact with stored ice to reduce the occurance of cross-contamination.
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* Vortex promotes food safety through advanced technology ice storage equipment.
* Eliminating external exposure to stored ice and automatic, frequent cleaning of ice storage bin helps to prevent ice contamination & foodborne illness.
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* Vortex provides a 500 lb. large capacity ice storage barrel.
* Dispense 5lbs-30lbs of ice in seconds with the push of a button.
* The rotating dispensing barrel design provides continuous ice turnover eliminating stale ice taste and odor.

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Made In America

Model # Vortex 22 Vortex 30 Vortex 48
Part # 10521 10684 10179
Availability September 2016 December 2016 IN STOCK
60 month lease option

$93/mo $157/mo     $214/mo
Compare Products Vortex 22 Vortex 30 Vortex 48
Ice storage capacity 150 lbs 250 lbs 500 lbs
Dispense speed 7 secs 7 secs 7 secs
Dispense size 0.25-2.5 lbs 2-10 lbs 4-20 lbs
Ice buckets included 0 1 1
Auto cleaning cycle
Universal top included
Floor standing with 6” adj legs
Cleaning time indicator    
Lockable doors    
Optional bagging accessory    
Water inlet size  1/2 FNPT 1/2 FNPT 1/2 FNPT
Drain size 3/4 FNPT 3/4 FNPT 3/4 FNPT
Power supply specification 125V 60Hz / 15A 125V 60Hz / 15A 125V 60Hz / 15A
Electrical plug NMEA 5-15 NMEA 5-15 NMEA 5-15
Dimensions 22w x 34d x 54h 30w x 34d x 64h 48w x 30d x 64h
Weight 100 lbs 200 lbs 560 lbs
ANSI standard ANSI 2,12 & 51 ANSI 2, 12 & 51 ANSI 2, 12 & 51
NSF / UL agency NSF / UL NSF / UL NSF / UL
Warranty parts & labor 1 year 1 year 1 year


  • Michael Schumacher, CEO/COO

    Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

    Vortex is a great looking ice dispenser product. Our Health Dept. Inspector was impressed that no human hands touch the ice, also commenting that the auto cleaning cycle feature is high on the approval list.

  • John Panzero, Retired Fireman/Paramedic

    Mayfield Fire Department

    During my career as a Fireman and Paramedic, safety of our community is paramount. Our station is the hub of our community; we not only protect and serve the public, our station provides the ice that our public service workers use daily. Our station also provides ice for all of our community functions throughout the year. Because of this, we wanted to find a safe, clean solution that our current ice storage scooping bin was not providing.The Vortex 500 provided us that solution, with a large capacity-protected ice storage drum, auto-cleaning and hands-free ability to dispense safe, bacteria-free, clean ice. No other manufacturer offered all of these features and benefits, which is why our chief decided to the purchase the Vortex 500 for our station.

  • George Beshero,

    Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

    Our new ice storage dispenser is a welcome upgrade from our old ice scooping bin.

    The ice dispenses very quickly saving time & money.

About Our Company

Since 1983, Jennison Manufacturing Group has been an industry leader manufacturing a wide range of quality products.

As part of Jennison Manufacturing Group, Jennison Ice has developed the Vortex 500. Utilizing over 30 years of quality product planning and precision manufacturing experience, the Vortex 500 is an advanced technology ice stroage and dispensing product with a modernized approach to food safety solutions. The Vortex 500  patented barrel design offers high speed ice dispensing, continuous ice turnover and an automatic internal cleaning cycle.

Jennison Ice has the precision and expert manufacturing experience to provide creative solutions to meet the food service industry challenges.

Mike Busa

Vice President, New Product Development

Mike Busa joins Jennison Ice as a product development executive with 25 years combined experience in the Architectural & Mechanical Products industries. Focused on sustainable product development and design that provides eco-friendly solutions for our national and international markets.

Hayden Jennison

Manager of Technical Sales

Hayden Jennison, Manager Technical Sales for Jennison Ice is responsible for customer sales support and services for our national & international markets. Hayden has years of experience working with Jennison Manufacturing Group’s diverse product offerings and capabilities, enhancing his primary goal of complete customer satisfaction.

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